Quickly identify the right people for your upcoming projects

Project Pad makes skills, interests, availabilities and project requirements visible for everyone within your whole organization. Self-organize your time on and off projects, track your skills and build better teams with the collaborative approach of Project Pad.

Skill Management

Combine your employee’s skills. Create individual competency profiles and use them as the basis for your project planning decisions.

Self-Organized Work

Install transparent and self-organized project structures. Allow your employees to actively identify and apply to matching projects creating truly flat hierarchies.

Flexible Team Staffing

Staff ad-hoc teams, rapidly. Create project roles by defining needed competencies, and find  matching employees in seconds.

Strategic Planning

Analyse skill supply and demand. Identify shortages, gaps, and individual development potential. Determine training as well as recruitment needs.

We developed the concept of Project Pad while interviewing more than 100 companies about their current challenges in skill management and planning projects. We are proud that Project Pad already delivers value to our early customers. 

Richard Schentke, Co-Founder of iCombine

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A tool for project planning in your whole organization

Project Pad is a web-based project planning software, that quickly identifies the right people for your upcoming projects. It makes skills, interests, availabilities and project requirements visible within your whole organization and lets people self-organize their work through collaborative planning features.

Collect interests and skills

Your employees simply click through an individualized, dynamic interview to create their competency profile. We customize the interview for you, no buzzwords are needed.

Easily define search criteria

Skills and other requirements are quickly defined through an interview for each project role, creating a role profile. This profile is used to find matching and available people quickly.

Find your best staffing alternatives

Have all the information ready in one view to staff productive teams. This includes people skills and interests as well as requirements, availabilities and other project assignments. 

Fine-tune your project requirements

Weights and filters allow you to prioritize your staffing options. Find better alternatives and improve project results, by choosing the best fit.

Enable bottom-up planning

Boost transparency, self-organization, and motivation by giving your employees the chance to actively apply to matching project roles. For each employee, an individual preselection of projects is created that fits his or her capabilities and development potential.

Improve overall utilization

Always keep track of staff availability. When needed, you can directly assign employees to new roles that match their skills. Use this to manage absences and to increase utilization.

A software to solve real problems…

After interviewing more than 100 companies with a project focus, we discovered that necessary planning processes are regularly top down, inefficient and intransparent. The majority of organizations sets up cross-functional, ad-hoc teams with complementary skills to realize projects in rapid succession. In order to make project staffing decisions, these organizations use a combination of excel sheets, CV databases, ERP software and informal networks.

Due to implicit knowledge and silo management, information about people, availabilities, and competencies is not shared. Existing tools and methods fail to provide up-to-date and structured information, especially when quick executive decisions need to be made. This makes staffing projects a real struggle.

In close work with our customers, we designed a new approach to solve these problems: Project Pad, a transparent, collaborative, cloud-based software that benefits the whole organization.

… in modern work environments

In times of digital change, gig economy and labor shortages, new methods are being established to build a skilled workforce which is able to reach complex goals and react to change, quickly.

We see organizations shift their strategic objectives towards their employees, as it becomes more important to strengthen the feeling of belonging and foster retention of skilled talent.

The modern approach is to form a self-organized environment of constant learning and work. Here, people are able to further their own skills, interests, and experience. Such an environment attracts new talent in search for flat hierarchies, network structures, and individual development.

We created Project Pad, so your organization can self-organize. Project Pad reveals individual development potential and recruiting needs to make sure you stay on the path to attract, develop and retain skilled people.

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