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Creating the future of work with competence, trust, and self-organization.

The Story of iCombine: The Company behind Project Pad

iCombine was founded in August 2016 with the intention to eliminate long search processes using new Human Resources software. Back then, we completed the Berlin Startup Academy accelerator program by GTEC with the goal to abolish the much-hated curriculum vitae/resume and create a new way to recruit people.

With our Berlin-based startup, we contacted agencies, consultancies, and other companies, to inform our design decisions. Back then we discovered organizational challenges outside of recruitment that aligned with our initial product idea. We had an epiphany and re-designed our product to focus more on planning processes and competency profiles.

A clickable prototype was created to validate the new idea and it struck a chord with a lot of interested companies. Most of them already established flat hierarchies. With Project Pad, we accommodate an ongoing paradigm shift of modern work environments: a newly defined relationship between employees and their organization, based on competence, trust, and self-organized work.

Since late 2017 we have provided Early Access to Project Pad to interested companies. While we develop more exciting features, we are refining our product together with our early customers and partners, to make sure we align our vision with their interests.

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What we believe

Teams and collaboration are key to a successful organization.

In our view, collaborative work is one of the strongest ties of mankind. It is the driver that motivates to work in groups with complementary skill sets to overcome difficult challenges. We believe that ad-hoc team structures reveal unused possibilities for every person and individual potential that drives constant learning. Teams accomplish complex achievements for themselves as well as the organization they are working for.

We see a high value in Bottom-up processes and fitting tools to engage each person during initiation, planning, execution, and analysis of an idea or project. While this creates a strong relationship between participating individuals, it also enhances the feeling of belonging and attracts new talent for the organization.

What we do

Optimize Processes

We automate planning processes, by combining relevant criteria and connecting the right people.

Leverage Potential

We discover unused potential inside organizations and support them to make better hiring and planning decisions.

Realize Success

We help organizations to reach complex, and changing goals by developing individuals and structures.

Meet the Founders

A friendship that goes back to 1999. The two founders combine more than 10 years of practical experience in HR consulting and software development to create Project Pad.

Richard Schentke

Richard Schentke

Co-Founder & CEO

M.A. International Business
University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin

Richard has valuable working experience as Human Resources consultant. His focus areas are people development and recruitment as well as business development.

Robert Freytag

Robert Freytag

Co-Founder & CTO

M.Sc. Information Management & Engineering
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Robert has extensive professional experience in software development and consulting. His focus areas are web-development, scalable service architectures and agile methodologies.

Supporting the New Work Community

We are building a community of experts who are engaged in shaping the future of working environments. Interested in sharing ideas with like-minded people? Come join our New Work Meetup in Berlin!

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